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A JRPG in the same vein as modern Final Fantasies. You command an elite team of dimension traveling heroes who are on a mission to thwart a machiavellian scheme which aims to erase all of the multiverse in one irreversible blow.

However, none of that really comes up in this demo. Mostly you're just gonna fight rocks.


Enter - Interact, Select
Esc - Open/Close Menu, Undo Last Select
Backspace- Undo Last Select
Arrow Keys - Move, Navigate Menu
Additional controls are described at the bottom of some menus.


Enter- Select
Esc- Pause
Backspace- Undo Last Select
Arrow Keys - Navigate Menu
Left Arrow (when not in a menu) - Switch in Inactive Party Members


- You can turn off the enemy encounter rate from the pause menu in System->Config.
- Saves from earlier versions of the game are automatically deleted on start up.


Planar Shift.rar 46 MB

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